21 Great Gifts to Give Your Dog For Christmas

Your dog has been a good boy or girl all year. They deserve to get some awesome new toys and stuff. Here is a list of 21 gift ideas for your dog.

1. This rope is sure to be a blast, while also cleaning your pups teeth.

2. Your dog can live in luxury in their own doggy condo.


A room with a view.

3. Amuse your pooch with a Kong.

Kong dog toy


4. Your dog would love it if you could throw further. Give him what he wants with the Chuckit!

5. Track your dogs activity and location with the Whistle 3. It’s like a Fitbit, but for your dog.

6. Do you get tired walking? Your dog does, and they want you to push them in this stroller.

7. This personalized leather dog collar is sure to make your pup the star of the dog park.

8. Protect your dogs feet from the elements with these booties. Great for an active hiking dog.

9. While you’re at it, keep their whole body warm with a nice jacket.

10. Or maybe they prefer the indoors and this cute sweater.

11. Your dog will dream of doggy paradise on a new bed.


12. This duck could be your dogs new best friend.


13. Wanna bring your dog in the car, but hate the mess they leave? Get a car hammock!

14. Speaking of messes. Shedding can make quite the mess. Stay on top of it with the Furminator.

15. Pretty sure this bone came from an elephant. IT’S HUGE

16. Trust me, your dog loves this “Starbarks” pun as much as they’d love this toy.

17. Chewy Vuiton is such a high society brand.

18. Stay safe this Christmas with this LED Collar.

19. Don’t let the early sunsets stop your game of fetch this Winter. Get this glow in the dark ball.

20. Or maybe they are a Frisbee dog.

21. Keep an eye on your dog and give them treats while you are away with the Furbo Dog Camera.



Comment below what your favorite gift for your dog is!


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