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8 Essential Items For Your New Puppy

So you just left the breeder or the shelter with a new puppy. You’re on your way home when it sinks in, “I don’t have everything I need for my new best friend!” Getting a puppy can be exciting but also nerve racking. From making sure they are eating the right food, have enough toys, and most importantly that they are safe. It is always a good idea to have some essentials for your new puppy before they come home.

Here are 8 items that you need when your new pup comes home. 

CollarDog Collar Blueberry

A collar is a no brainer. You need one to attach the leash and ID tags. Don’t invest in something to expensive, your dog will grow out of it. Get a cheap but strong collar. I recommend the Blueberry dog collar.


LeashDog Leash Amazon

A 6 foot leash is all you need right now. Find one that is durable and comfortable. A leash can be used longer than a puppy collar, so you may want to find a nice one. I like the Petsafe leash line. They are cheap and durable. Don’t be tempted to get the retractable leash. If your dog is on one and they get into trouble it’s hard to regain control of them.


Dog bowlsDog Bowls Stainless steel

Dog bowls are another item that can be used for years. I like the  with rubber on the bottom to prevent sliding. Stainless steel is great because it is durable and easy to clean.


Dog foodNatural Dog food Taste of the Wild

Puppies need highly nutrient diets to help them with growing. Natural dog foods are high in protein and do not contain harmful chemicals and fillers.

Read more about natural dog food


Treats organic dog treats

There are tons of treats out there, but some are better for your puppy than others. Avoid any artificial ingredients. If you wouldn’t eat it don’t give it to your pup.

You could also use deli meat. It’s fairly cheap and dogs love real meat. If you want to take it one step forward you could even make some homemade organic dog treats for your pup


CrateDog Crate Midwest

A crate is important if you want to keep your puppy safe when you can’t watch, housebreak them, and give them a place to unwind. When shopping for a crate there are a few things to consider. When it comes to the size of the crate, get a crate that would fit your dog when it is fully grown. This will guarantee that you won’t have to buy a new crate every time your dog outgrows it. The next this is that it should come with a divider. When your puppy is small you want to confine them to a small space. If they have too much space they will go potty in it, which will make your house training more difficult.

I recommend Midwest Crates but there are plenty of other good crates.


BedDog Bed

The bottom of crates are lined in a hard plastic, so give your puppy some comfort and put in a bed in it. You can either purchase a small bed that would fit in the divided crate or you can throw a blanket in there. Just be sure it isn’t a blanket you love because your puppy may tear it apart.

ToysKong dog toy

Every puppy needs toys to keep themselves occupied. There are 4 types of toys: chew, plush, engagement, and puzzle. Chew toys are great for directing your dogs need to chew towards things that are acceptable. Plush toys can be used to teach your dog to be gentle. Do not let them rip a plush toy apart. Engagement toys are toys that get you involved with your puppy. These can be balls to throw or ropes to tug on. The last toys are puzzle toys. These are great for stimulating your dog’s mind. It can help with anxiety and boredom. A classic puzzle toy is the Kong. You can stuff them with treats and your dog will be entertained for a while.


These are the essential things to get for your puppy. With them, their transition into your home will go smoother. It is always better to get these items in advanced so that you can focus on making your puppy comfortable. Enjoy your new puppy!


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