How to Potty Train Your Puppy

So you just got your new puppy. They are adorable and playful and everything you could have hoped for. But, they start peeing everywhere. Over several days, they keep peeing in the house. You are getting frustrated at the puppy because you expect them to know by now where they should go. What you need to do here is step […]

How To Socialize a Puppy

How To Socialize a Puppy

It’s very likely that at some point in your life you have seen a dog go wild barking at people and other dogs. Maybe they are aggressive. Maybe they’re just scared. But either way, you may have thought to yourself that that dog was not well socialized. But what if I told you that a dog that is excitedly pulling […]

How To Build Confidence In Your Dog

A confident dog is a safe dog. Confidence is one of those aspects of raising a dog that many owners overlook. Some dogs naturally have a confident personality while others are fearful. However, all dogs can be conditioned to be more confident. Whether young or old, adding some of these activities to your dogs life will help them in the […]