Best Dog Breeds for Hiking

If you love hiking, a canine hiking buddy may be what you need. Here are 10 of the best dog breeds for hiking.

  1. Border Collieborder-collie-jump-water-british-sheepdog-37860

This highly intelligent dog was bred to herd sheep in the rocky hills of Scotland. Quick and sure footed, the Border collie can follow you on any trail.

  1. Labrador Retrieverdog-black-labrador-black-dog-162149

This dog is more than a great family pet. Bred to jump off of boats into the icy water of Newfoundland to retrieve fish and nets, the lab has strong legs that can help it climb through mountains.

  1. Bernese Mountain Dogbernese-mountain-dog-puppy

Their name says it all: Mountain dog. The Bernese mountain dog can climb most any terrain. Their thick coat allows them to handle the cold as well.

  1. Huskyhusky-hiking

Born to pull sleds through the arctic, the husky has the endurance to join you on any hike.

  1. Australian Cattle DogDog-brown-black-grey-cattle-dog

Small but rugged, the Australian cattle dog was made to herd sheep in the Australian outback all day.

  1. German Shorthaired Pointergerman-shorthaird-pointer

This duck dog, is agile and tough. They love the outdoors and a hike would be a great way for you to bond with your pooch.

  1. Australian Shepherd640px-Back_Tri_Australian_Shepherd

Despite what its name says, the Australian Shepherd is not from Australia. They were bred in the United States to herd sheep in the Wild West.

  1. Rhodesian Ridgeback640px-Re_Wheaten_Akani_Free_timeJPG

The Rhodesian ridgeback is the Navy Seal of dog breed. Tough and brave, not only will they hike with you, but they can protect you.

  1. Vizsla640px-Vizsla_standing_Rosie_harness

This small brown dog is fast. If you like to mountain bike, have them run alongside you to really work them out.

  1. The Muttmutt-dog

No better dog for hiking than the good ole mutt. There is a mutt out there to do just about anything you want.


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