The Device To Keep Your Dog Off Furniture: Sofa Scram Review

If your house is like mine, you have a rule that your dog is not allowed on the furniture unless you say so. But sometimes, while you’re away your dog decides it is time to sleep on the couch, and then when you come home you find hair all over it. Yeah, this is my life. The difficulty is that you can tell them they can’t get on the couch while you’re home, but when you’re away they can have their way. I was so tired of this that I sought solutions. What I found was the Sofa Scram. Is this mat worth it or is it just another gimmick?

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How  the Sofa Scram workssofa-scram-sonic-repellent

The sonic repellent emits a high pitched beep when the dog touches the mat. This mat is loud.


  • Does not shock or hurt your dog.
  • Can be folded and used on different sizes of furniture.

This product works. When I researched this product before buying I looked up videos online, and saw the effectiveness of similar products. This video gave me a good laugh, and convinced me to try it.


  • Extremely loud
  • Sometimes annoying to roll out

This thing is loud. It emits an 85 decibel beep. A clap of thunder is 120 decibels (Just for your comparison). If you live in an apartment and care, your neighbors may hear it. Or if you are home, you may be annoyed if it goes off.


This worked for me but it may not work for everyone. If your dog has very solid nerves this won’t keep them off. If you need a solution and don’t know what to do, then the Sofa Scram is a good device to try.

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